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Welcome To My Home Page
welcom to my website on my home page i will be updating you on all the latest stuff and what i'm adding or tacking from my site.

my site is going to be based mainly around a story i'm writing called mune667.

enjoy yourselfs
Vincent Price
counting you 4094
this little item is here so i know how popular i am and so you know that i care and i'm counting you.4094
cool monkeys, monkeys with

ok, making a little change, instead of making regular changes i am just gonna make lists for cool things. k? but this may take a little bit to organise.

movies: transformers (original), nightmare before christmas (my favorite), LORD (i found this ok to begin with, but now it is tedious), beetlejuice

muzic: smiths (greatest), david bowie, dogs die in hot cars

website:  , , , , ,


let us take a moment to morn the loss of the new thingy. hmm what shall i do to replace it, a monkey would be good!!!


i may be changing this part intirely, but hey it's ok as it is at the moment.. i know i'll start to be more indepth, or alternitavly i'll just make a stupidly big list.

comments and queries
i want you to tell me what you think of my web site. and what you think about me. am i a blithering idiot on one Koel guy.
tell me if you think any thing should be changed cause i do care honest.
and i am a man for the people ifeel very strongly about politics and religion and Koel stuff.
i wanna know what you think.
email me at:
thanks 4 lisaning.
mail me here!


ok stuff... i don't know, hmm mabye..., ok latter, i might rant here, you know about the usual.. blah blah blah balh... balh?

aarrgh, they're making me use html, i'm too confused, nooooooo.

ooo i have a girlfreind, which is odd as i though i was gay, mabye i'm bi, i still think dave is fit.


ok i'll get some of my pics up soon, but for now you have a whale jumping, saying, yaya for whale cheese, for it is great, and i will make it, oh YES (yes siad sexually for no reason).

Send an email

i can't spell, oh yeah, it's true fear it.